His voice was one of the finest things she'd ever heard, so rich, and his song so meaningful. In his arms she felt safe, she knew it, and for the first time in the past week she started to really relax. Curling into his neck she couldn't help but nuzzle him affectionately, starting to doze a bit.

He let his voice drift off into silence again. He could tell from her breathing patterns that she was close to sleep. “You can sleep here if you wish.”

In truth she was having trouble sitting still, thus the incessant cleaning, she knew if she stopped she would start crying again. However Siri paused and perked at what he said, speaking very softly. "You would do that? For me?" Singing always calmed her, and to hear it from him would be... special, to say the least. She nuzzled his chin affectionately, grateful.

He cleared his throat, it had been a very long time since he last sang. In a deep calm voice, he started to sing; it was a slow song that showed his sorrow for her loss as well as his determination to protect her.

Siri continues to groom his neck, and then beneath his shoulder armor, massaging him. "Thank you Hardshell, thank you so much." It made her feel better to busy herself with him.

"You don’t need to keep cleaning me" He paused for a bit, he never considered this before but he could tell she was still upset. "…if you want I could sing for you."

"I can introduce you on the surface, no one will be scared that way." Siri snuggled into him a little tighter, calming from the petting. It wasn't long before instinct lead her to preen between the armor plates on his neck.

His optic band dimmed as the tension released from his neck released. He loved her preening habits. “I think that would be wise. Until then, I will guard the territory around your hive.”

"They are in the depths of the Hive now. I would like you to meet everyone, though you are always welcome as far as I'm concerned. I have no doubts that my Mates and the others will welcome you when I tell them who you are to me." Siri said as she leaned into his neck and started grooming him, partly for Hardshell, and partly to calm herself.

"I’m sure if I started walking around your nest without warning, the others would be scared. Considering I’m an alpha and the eggs recently were destroyed." He pet her back to help her calm down.

Siri's face is still wet, but she isn't crying as loudly.. There is an uncharacteristically violent tone in her voice, mixed with anguished satisfaction. "We tore off his arms and I ripped out his neck cables."

Hardshell let out a pleased trill, he was glad that the monster was torn apart. “Where are the eggs now? I will stand guard if your hive mates permit.”

*Clings tightly and sobs into his chest.* We were attacked! All the eggs were crushed but two...

He lets out an angry screech. “Who dared? I will rip them apart piece by piece slowly. NO ONE hurts younglings!”

*Runs up to him and clings to his leg, she's crying.*

Hardshell picks her up carefully to clutch her to his chest. “What’s wrong?”