It’s time to check the borders and go to sleep. 

Seeing that certain touches felt good she caressed those more as she spoke. "Of course the would respect you, only natural... thank you Hardshell, it would give me no greater joy than to see my children benefit from your wisdom." At the word, "Wisdom," Siri suddenly went quiet as something painful was on her mind.

When she still and went quiet, he grew worried. “What is wrong? Why does ‘wisdom’ bother you?”

There are other territories that this one would place challenge for. More suitable. The strong one's territory? More suited for the strong one. This one would rather meet and speak.

"Does invader have mate or hive? Anyone to protect, reason for a large territory?"

Siri kissed his cheek, playing with his mandibles affectionately, listening to his trilling did indeed relax her. "Thank you Hardshell, hehe, and of course I'll clean up after him or her. Trat'ak seems convinced it's going to be a femme, *Chuckles* All our children will be taught to love you."

"I wouldn’t mind teaching the children how to defend themselves or fight large alphas. I don’t know about love but respect would be mandatory for them to have" He mandibles twitched everytime she hit a sensitive spot. 

//Straightens just a little, but not enough to appear challenging.// This one keeps territory. The strong one also keeps territory. It seems right that the strong one and this one would meet and know each other's scents.

Hardshell grunted. “And you don’t want my territory? You seem odd for an alpha.” 

She gave a half sparked giggle at what he said and started to calm as he stroked her back. "Yes, he says it's too soon to tell, though he seems pretty sure I'll be alright. I don't know, maybe I'm just paranoid. Just seems like we never have a chance to relax."

"Femme or Mech, I will protect it and you….however I will not clean up after it." He let out a calm relaxing trill. "You can always relax around me."

//Stops in his tracks, bobbing his helm several times before dipping it low.// This one is named Hypoxia. This one does not seek Energon rocks or land, but only wishes a meeting.

He relaxed from his attack stance though his shoulder were still tense. “Hypoxia…why a meeting?”

The question frightens her and is one she had asked herself before. "I honestly don't know... I try so hard not let it affect me physically, but the other day I was kicked, last night I had a panic attack... I am still in the beginning stages, but..." Siri nestles tighter into his neck, trembling a little.

"Has a medic checked you since? The young could be injured or become weak from the pressure." He tired to calm her through soft petting strokes on her back. "Though if it turns out anything like you, it will be more intelligent and playful than a turbo-fox."

//Trills to announce his presence, keeping his wings neatly folded. This was a large, powerful male he was approaching; a leader. It didn't just pay to be respectful -- it was the right thing to do.//

Hardshell glared at the smaller one who encroached upon his territory. He let out a warning trill, not knowing who the intruder was. “Who dares?”