“No, I’m …. I’m not!” Frowning, she wiped Hardshell’s lubricant from her face. “I’m Breakdown …!”

Hardshell chuckles deeply, mandibles clicking rapidly. “Funny dirt organic, Breakdown’s a strong decepticon warrior” He wraps his claws around breakdown lifting him to Hardshell’s face. 

Screeching and immediately grabbing Hardshell’s servo when he lifted her up, she wriggled a bit, shuddering at just how cold his claw was. “I swear to Primus, if you squish me, I will fraggin’ murder you-!” she cried out to him, her eye large. She knew her threats were useless in her current form, but she didn’t care.

Hardshell places breakdown on his open palm “Organic has one optic and swears to primus like Breakdown….but organic doesn’t taste like Breakdown”

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